Father's Day tribue

Thinking of Father's Day, I was reminded of a simple candy my grandfather would often make. It is quick, rich and satisfying when you want something sinful and sweet. This was my first time making this candy and the first taste brought back plenty of wonderful family memories. Here's to hoping all of the fathers and grandfathers out there had a wonderful day. I made a peanut butter version with some chocolate toffee bits and pecans sprinkled on top, but it is just as easy to add cocoa instead for a chocolate version.

Quick Peanut Butter Candy
3 cups of sugar
1 1/2 cups of milk
1/2 cup peanut butter
2 tbsp chopped pecans (optional)
2 tbsp chocolate toffee pieces (Heath bar, optional)

Combine sugar and milk in heavy saucepan and cook at medium to high heat until it reaches soft ball stage (240°F). Remove from heat to add peanut butter and whisk to incorporate. Pour candy into buttered 8x8 square pan and sprinkle nuts and toffee pieces on top. Leave candy to cool either on the counter or in the refridgerator. Once the candy is cool, cut into 1/2 squares and enjoy.

Note: In retrospect, I would choose a larger pan for the candy and thus have a thinner layer of candy. This recipe is very rich and extremely sugary. So small portions are key.

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